Dominick G.Dominick G.

Stephen arrived early and examined the exterior before we had even arrived! His inspection was extremely thorough, he identified lots of issues (including... Read More

Keith M.Keith M.

Stephen was a pleasure to work with and I'd recommend him to anyone looking for a good home inspector. He was personable, professional, and thorough with... Read More

Rebekah S.Rebekah S.

Stephen provided a thorough inspection as my husband and I got ready to purchase our first home. We had 100 questions and he patiently, accurately, and... Read More

PDoor C.

Professional, thorough, patient, and punctual!
Our real estate agent recommended Stephen to us for home inspections, and we were so glad that we found Stephen!! Stephen did not just provide one excellent service to us, but THREE times over a period of 6 months! We successfully bid on 3 houses in the Greater Boston area, but unfortunately, we had to back out on the first two houses due to major termite issues, as well as many other issues such as flooding damage, residual asbestos, etc. Beside being a home inspector, Stephen is also a certified pest inspector. Having watched Stephen identifying the termite issues (sometimes not so obvious) in the previous two houses, we felt very assured when Stephen spent 40min in the basement of the third house and didn't find any termites!

At every inspection,  Stephen has always been professional, thorough, and explains really well in layman terms what he's inspecting and what we should look out for. For first time home buyers like us, we have learned so much from him and it's truly a great educational process. Stephen always showed up to the houses well ahead of time so that he could start inspecting the exterior of the house before we arrived, which saved us lots of time (we really appreciate this as we usually took some time out during a work day to go to the inspection sessions). Stephen was also very patient to answer all of our questions and provided us well-written, detailed reports after each inspection. He also gave us lots of helpful advice on how to maintain a house, how often to service each appliance, and even how to open sliding doors with special locks!

We'd recommend Stephen to all of our friends or anyone else who needs a home inspection service!

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Peter C.

Stephen was originally recommended to me by my realtor.  I was a first time home buyer in the Boston area so happy to have one less decision to make during the process.  Upon arrival, after introductions, Stephen grabbed me and brought me outside about potential structure concerns in the building.  He noticed some shifts in the bricks which could have been signs of foundation settlement.

After a lengthy education on how the city of Boston was built on marshland with wood pilings, Stephen continued through his inspection with the utmost detail and attention (even though I had decided to rule out the purchase).  After some back and forth with the seller, I had hired a contractor and structural engineer to review the property, both of which backed up Stephen's original concerns.  I had heard that another unit in the building shortly thereafter sold without a problem... and I am convinced that person(s) will incur many problems because of the building construct.  If I had used a home inspector not as thorough as Talon, I likely would have been side-by-side with them.

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Shan L.Shan L.

My real estate agent recommended Stephen to me and I could not be more pleased with his service. Stephen was very thorough, knowledgeable, and easygoing. He helped uncover some major issues with our purchase, which would save us thousands of dollars now and down the road.

We also liked Stephen's approach more than our previous inspector for another property. Our last inspector would walk around the house with his tools and point out faulty areas as he went, we were furiously taking notes, but in the end we just felt overwhelmed by everything. Stephen's approach was more structured and paced. He would explain to us in Layman's term what he did, what problems there were, and then offered us solutions. He emphasized on the most important things we needed to address immediately and prioritized them for us. He'd give us time to digest all the information and at any point we felt puzzled, we didn't feel awkward to approach Steve and ask. He has a natural knack to make people feel at ease

The inspection report came to us within two hours and it was very organized and detailed. He summarized main issues at the first page and included many photos. I felt like reading home ownership 101 for dummies and it also made our job easier when we went to contractors and asked quotes on fixing those issues because it was so clearly explained.

Bottom line, I'd recommend Stephen to all my friends because of his professionalism and approachable personality. We got a good feel about the house right after his inspection, which was so crucial as we were trying to close the deal within 30 days. We wouldn't be able to make this informed decision if Stephen didn't do a good job clarifying everything and pointing out major problems from the start.

We both wish Stephen many years of success with his business and we'd be sure to hire him again for our next house!


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Alicia R.Alicia R.

I found Talon Home Inspection on Yelp, after have an inspection a few months ago and not satisfied, I gave this a try. He was amazing. He was early and already had notes for me when I arrived. He went through the condo, and didn't miss anything. He explained everything in detail and always asked if I had questions.

If you are on here reading reviews, looking for a home inspector, stop here! I promise you, you will not go wrong choosing Talon Home Inspection!

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Grace Y.Grace Y.

I was very pleased with my inspection. Stephen came early [or maybe I was late, I think both]. They squeezed me in the next day after I called them, which was a god send, and even more of a god send was the fact that they only charged $520, while all the people on Angie's List were charging between $750-$900. Come on. Really? A thousand dollar inspection?

Stephen was really friendly, very smart, and also owns income properties himself so he could talk to me from a unique perspective. He was very, very thorough with the whole building. I felt comfortable asking him stupid questions. And I asked him many. I feel like he's very honest and he's a pretty level headed, rational inspector, while my last inspector was definitely quite an alarmist.

I'm not a huge fan of the format the inspection report came in, but it was more detailed than the other reports I've gotten, and I think it just boils down to preference. I just want to see all the bad things, all together. I don't care about the good things. His report is extremely extremely detailed, and it's electronic, so it's a lot of general check boxing plus photos and comments. I got it that day though, so there's the miracles of computers working for you.

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Maureen P.Maureen P.

TALON is FIVE STAR and the very best home inspection company you will find- hands down! Talon is experienced, knowledgable, detailed, punctual, thorough and personable!! I would highly recommend  them as Stephen saved me from buying a disaster of a home last year. I haves used his services twice!

Thank you!!! You are a true professional and take your business very seriously.

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